Online Life..

And this article is totally dedicated to all my social media friends, I don’t know if I ever meet them all in my life or not, but yeah we always stay connected ONLINE.

Now coming on the article we always use to say that youth is in into deeply their gadgets only, or you saw any of your friend, sibling or neighbour’s parent scolding him/her badly “what you do all day on your laptop or mobiles….???” Wait a minute here m not including all those freaks who just waste their time on useless stuff, there are so many people who use this internet thing very well and some of them proved that they are very good social media Bird. Many times I saw people who have only phone friends or Internet Friends and when you ask them  “why don’t you have some daily routine friends??” they marked that “these phone friends are better than any routine friend as they understand them well !!“ Yet they didn’t meet ever it’s just they mingled well over the phone… OKAYYY!! I have to so many social media friends and we talk a lot but not like all day we are connected and know each other’s ups and down.

This is great but why this happens why not our surrounding friends are as good as these phone friends??? Why they understand us pretty well than anyone else??

Maybe this is the reason I saw everyone on the roads, shops, restaurants, malls at home while walking, eating, shopping and sometimes they don’t leave their phone while using washroom…GOD how pretty they save their time to do so.

It’s not a single person mistake that he/she finds a guy or gal to use to talk about what they feel and they react in the same way as they feel, and here we get some friends online who make themselves busy in understanding that one and sooner or later they become part of their life as their phone friend.

There may be a communication error so sometimes your surrounding friend can’t turn as their surroundings to be as how you are and that’s why the search start and end with these online friends.

I am not opposed to this kind of friendships, sometimes it’s a great way to find friends from all over the world, internet makes this world a small place to live while different apps that find your perfect soulmate through this app XYZ, ABC and many more, tell me how can you be someone’s soulmate through just texting each other, there are so many things that you neglect and later on you have arguments on that  points with your perfect soulmate.

Somewhere its switch off your normal life and you become only a phonic person who knows to feed his mobile or portable devices time to time by charging them or with the top up and the internet recharges but forget to feed themselves   with the whole lively world in front of them.

Open your window guys may be not only friends but you may find some natural beauties around you which make you more happy than talking to the same person all the time, get up and recharge yourself phone is not only to text people but also to navigate new paths, to capture beautiful memories and to relocate yourself…you just need to GO and TRY..

Have a happy weekend…

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