Can you believe a Latin word makes many a time your life beautiful or sometimes worse!!!

Everyone expect something with everyone, it starts from your family i.e. parents siblings,better-half than friends,peers and all those people whom with you are in good touch come under this list.

But it’s become sometimes an issue after knowing the reality of life, why we expect something with that person whom we are close and when they can’t fulfil your expectation we behave insanely.

We know that we can’t have depended on anyone all the time but we do. A simple synonym of expectation is trust the more we trust anyone the more will start depending on that person,it’s just like the beautiful faith which an infant have on his mama.

We use to listen to people shouting on the one who is dependent and the independent one gets angry ” why you behave like this can’t you do your things yourself” why you ask every small thing with me”. it’s just bad if you are independent then you should help that dependent one to stand rather than making him/ her sick with your words or attitude.

Our parents since starting from our schooling to college to professional life expect that we do something in our life, which can make them proud of us, and some people shout on that do “why don’t you leave me alone with my life, don’t interfere will live my life in my own way” WHY we don’t understand that all these expectations make us a successful, learned personality.

In my Opinion, we should expect with ourselves rather than do it with others, expecting others will hurt you anyway in life but expecting with yourself makes you a better personality, an independent one.

The expectation in a good or bad way define you, keep in mind how many expects something with you and to whom you expect, which are the good one which helps you to move in a good way in life. And for those who expect to you try to know why if they are senseless than tell them it’s time to be independent rather than your silence, because in an indirect way you help someone for their betterment.

Let’s try this time be a helping hand of that who depends on you make independent them or fulfil those which gives height to your life.


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